PHR Receives Grant from MOPH Service Foundation April 14, 2015

MOPH Service FoundationPurple Hearts Reunited is pleased to announce that it has received a grant award from the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation, for the express purposes of purchasing and rescuing Purple Heart medals, and repatriating them to the Purple Heart recipients or his/her family.

This $50,000 grant will help tremendously in reuniting veterans and military families with their lost or stolen Purple Heart medals. However, we still need your support to carry on with our mission.

CaptureThe grant funds are to be used to cover the purchase or rescue of lost or stolen Purple Heart medals, the cost of framing, travel expenses, and event and presentation costs. This will honor the veterans who originally earned the Purple Heart medals, as well as commemorating their service among military families, general community members, and the public. Purple Hearts Reunited conducts public ceremonies and private medal returns all over the country, and has been operating with only private donations and sponsorships for the past three years. This first major source of grant funding will enhance the sustainability of the medal return program and reunite cherished medals with veterans and military families awaiting these services. However, additional operational costs of the organization (such as staffing, accounting fees, shipping, advertising, office supplies, website upkeep, etc.) are not covered by the grant. Our foundation still relies on the generosity of its supporters.

Read more about the 2015 grant award and the relationship between Purple Hearts Reunited and the MOPH Service Foundation in a press release here.

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