CDR Mark “Max” Anderson July 17, 2015

Mark “Max” Anderson began US Navy flight training in November 1988.  His first aircraft was the C-2A based at NAS Norfolk Virginia and later deployed with the USS John F. Kennedy to the Mediterranean in 1990.  He flew worldwide missions and took the lead on the first SEAL delivery missions for a fixed wing carrier based aircraft.  He was selected as Pilot of the Year for 1991 and transitioned to the Jet community.  He trained for 18 months in the TA-4J in Meridian Mississippi before joining the S-3B community at NAS North Island California. He deployed with the USS Kitty Hawk in 1996 for operation in the Persian Gulf and was later selected as Pilot of the Year for 1997 and joined the US Navy Reserve in 1998.  He was later assigned to VR-59 at NAS Ft. Worth flying the C-9B and in 2000 the squadron transitioned to the C-40A and he was selected for the initial cadre of officers for training.  In 2002 he transitioned to VR-56 at NAS Oceana again flying the C-9B.

Mark has accrued over 10,000 hours of flight time and 400 day and night aircraft carrier arrested landings.  He is currently a consultant with the US Navy on GPS navigation policies and procedures.  He is also flying the 737 for American Airlines at Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. airport.


1. PFC Ernest C. Boren (Twin Falls, ID)

2. SSG Robert H. Podewils (New Orleans, LA)

3. PVT Douglas R. Matthews (Richmond, VA)



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