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Purple Hearts Reunited

Purple Hearts Reunited Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to return lost or stolen military medals of valor to veterans or their families, in order to honor their sacrifice to the nation. Founded in 2012 by combat-wounded veteran and active-duty Army National Guard officer Zachariah Fike, the organization has been able to locate and return medals to over 150 military families to date. Our organization returns what is often the last tangible piece of a veteran to his or her family. This is often the solace that is needed for a military family to commemorate their loved one’s service and move on from the pain of his or her sacrifice. We believe all medals should go home to their rightful owners, or be preserved in a special place of honor.

If you have information about the location of a lost or stolen heart or need help locating one, please contact us. Please consider donating to support our efforts to reunite veterans and their families with their lost Purple Hearts.







Recently Returned Hearts

William C. Benn Photo

CPL William C. Benn

On a beach in Massachusetts on a beautiful spring day, we were delighted to honor CPL William C. Benn and his military service. On Sunday 19 April 2015, at Salisbury Beach State Reserve, a long-lost dog tag was returned to CPL Benn’s son. William G. Benn received the dog tag…

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April Layton

Thank you Zachariah Fike for your guidance in getting a Purple Heart that was “donated” to our non-profit to your wonderful organization where it will find a home with a hero!