Returned Hearts

Once Purple Hearts Reunited locates a veteran or their family,

Plans are made to either send back the medal directly or to establish a date and time to conduct a “Return Ceremony.” Purple Hearts Reunited will travel to the veteran’s hometown or the home of their family to conduct these events. Events can be either open to the public or a private family gathering and media attendance is optional. Ceremonies generally last no more than an hour. Members of the Military Order of the Purple Heart are usually in attendance to talk about the history of the Purple Heart. Federal and State representatives can be invited to attend and speak in honor of the veteran. Families generally speak about their loved one and share their fondest memories.

Purple Hearts Reunited will then conclude the ceremony by attempting to honor the veteran’s sacrifice to our nation with a short memorial and presenting the medals back to the family. These ceremonies are at no cost to the veteran or the family.

If for some reason a veteran or family cannot be found, Purple Hearts Reunited will find the medal a home of honor, such as a museum. Donations to museums are generally public events and we encourage the local community to attend.