History & Mission

Purple Hearts Reunited was established in Vermont on July 23, 2012.

As a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit foundation, Purple Hearts Reunited is the only organization in the country returning lost or stolen medals to veterans and military families at no cost. Purple Hearts Reunited spends a considerable amount of time researching and locating the original recipient or family and, when possible, conducts a “Return Ceremony” to reunite the veteran or family with the medal. To date, Purple Hearts Reunited has returned the service medals of more than 1000 veterans and is currently working on hundreds of lost medals that need a home. In the case that a veteran or family cannot be found, a home of honor is located for the medal, such as a military museum.

Mission: To return lost, stolen and misplaced military medals of valor to veterans or their families, in order to honor their sacrifice to the nation.

Out of an estimated 45,000 non-profits serving Veterans, we are the only organization providing this service. Founded in 2012 by an active duty combat wounded Veteran, PHR is led by a headquarters based in Vermont and supported by three specialty divisions — Valor Research, Valor Rescue, and Valor Guard. These teams are led by dedicated volunteers from across the country and primarily consist of veterans, wounded veterans, and military families. As a team, we work together to honor our nation’s heroes and return Valor across the country.

Help This Heart Go Home

We work as quickly as possible to return hearts in our possession to their rightful owners. However, sometimes the search is more challenging than others.

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