If You Find a Heart

Primarily, Purple Hearts Reunited deals with Medals that are physically found by a number of different groups such as family members, friends of family, law enforcement agencies, antique collectors, or simply concerned citizens.

If you find a medal, please:

  1. Contact us to report the found medal. When reporting the found medal, include as much information about it as possible. Most often, Purple Hearts are engraved with the Veterans name. This normally signifies them as “Presentation Purple Hearts”, which means the Veteran was killed in combat and the government had the medal engraved and sent it to the family. However, some veterans who survived their wounds, decided to get their medals engraved in remembrance of their event, also known as “Personal Engraving”. Some Purple Hearts are not marked what soever. We still encourage people to send us these medals as some of the engraved medals we receive are badly damaged and we use original time period medals to replace missing pieces for the presentation to a family. Contact us now >>
  2. Check our Lost Hearts Database to see if the heart you’ve found is listed.
  3. Send medals to Purple Hearts Reunited by registered mail to be cataloged and researched. Those that submit a medal are kept up to date with the return process and most often participate in the return ceremony. Medals can be sent to the following address: Purple Hearts Reunited, 38 North Main Street, Suite 112, St. Albans VT 05478