Hospital Apprentice 2nd Class William Ellsworth Milton Jr. was born on 15 December 1924 in Lewiston Nei, Idaho to William Sr. and Annie Mason Brooks Milton. William would later enlist in the United States Marine Corps to serve in WWII. During his initial service, Milton wanted to serve as a field medic and was transferred into the United States Navy. While operating in Guam, he was Wounded in Action on 21 July 1944. He survived the war, returned home to North Bend, Washington and, later died on 02 December 1988. William had two brothers; Ellsworth and Melvin. He also had a sister Evelyn.

Purple Hearts Reunited was contacted in late December of 2015 by a Mrs. Jennifer Garland, who had found the medal in the garage of a home she purchased in 2008 in North Bend.

We are proud to announce we were able to locate William’s last remaining sibling, brother Melvin in Spanaway, WA. The medal was sent directly to Melvin, with a follow up ceremony to occur in the future.

Thanks for your service HA2c Milton! We are glad to see your medal is back with your family.