SGT Kimball served in the United States Marine Corps and was wounded in Vietnam, unfortunately, he was never physically awarded his Purple Heart.

As a surprise from his family on his 72nd Birthday, they reached out to Purple Hearts Reunited for help.

This year, a fellow Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient, Mr. Robert Hunt, rescued a WWII era Purple Heart from an estate sale in Tennessee. Since it was not named and no one from the home claimed ownership, it was engraved with SGT Kimball’s name and sent to California so that he would finally get the honor he deserved and the unknown Veteran who originally owned the medal would have a new home with a new family. It’s also humbling to think that Veterans of WWII, Vietnam, and the War of Terror, men who never knew each other or have met, will come together to right a wrong some 50 years later.

We would also like to thank Patriot David Jackson, Region 6 Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart for helping us present the medal on the West Coast.

Semper Fi SGT Kimball!