SGT Morton Warnow’s Purple Heart, earned in WWII, was lost and found by strangers. A misspelling (“Warwow” instead of “Warnow”) caused the original engraver, PVT Nathan Beckman, to bring the medal home with him, and his daughter found it after he had passed away. Purple Hearts Reunited was contacted and was able to locate the daughter of SGT Warnow, Dr. Kimmen Sj√∂lander, and return the medal to her at the beginning of January 2015.

SGT Warnow (1925-2006), was a waist gunner on a B-17, shot down in a raid over Germany. He spent time as a Prisoner of War in Stalag Luft I, but lived through the war and went on to graduate from Cornell University, marry, have three children, and write the book “Forced March.”

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Morton C. Warnow Bomber CrewMorton C. Warnow GraveMorton C. Warnow PictureWarnowPH_misspelled