SGT Paul E. Owens (SN: 35435206) was born 20 January 1922 in Elkhorn City, KY to Noah Shannon and Stella Owens.   He enlisted into the Army on 07 July 1942.   During his service in WWII, he was taken prisoner and spent time as a POW in Stalag 3B, Furstenberg, Brandenburg, Prussia.  Unfortunately, he died in captivity on 31 March 1945.

On 25 January 2016, Purple Hearts Reunited was contacted by a Mrs. Lisa Herbert from the Burton, MI Walmart.  In storage, they had discovered the Posthumous Purple Heart, Purple Heart Certificate, Dog Tag, and family photos of SGT Owens.  They believed someone brought them into the store over a decade ago to be displayed on their “Soldiers Wall”.  Once the wall was taken down, the military items were placed into a box and secured in storage.

With the help Purple Hearts Reunited, Dr. Reuel Long, a Vietnam Veteran and the nephew of SGT Owens was found.  On 11 February 2016, Mr. Long traveled to the Burton Walmart and recovered his uncle’s Medal.