On 21 May 2015 at 1pm, the long lost Purple Heart Medal of WWII hero SSG Carlton Cleo Henley was returned to his sister, Charlotte Clemmer, at her home in Sheridan, OR.

SSG Carlton Cleo Henley (SN: 39313878) was born 12 January 1921 in Arkansas to Ira and Effie May Scroggins Henley. He enlisted out of Multnomah Country, Oregon on 30 July 1942.  Assigned as a crewman on a B-29 named “Christie Crew”, he served with the 9th Bomber Group. He was killed in Action on 17 March 1945 near Hyogo, Japan.

Mr. Grant Knowles, a pastor living in Kent, Washington, was given the medals by one his parishioners who discovered the Purple Heart Medal, Dog Tag and Bombardier Wings in her garage.

Representing Purple Hearts Reunited’s Valor Guard, was Mr. Joel Dulashanti, a War of Terror Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient.