SSG Charles M. Christian (SN: 14094288) was born 23 May 1923 in Floyd County, Georgia to Martin and Annie G. Christian.   He enlisted into the United States Army Air Corps on 10 August 1942.  He served with the 68th Bomber Squadron, 44th Bomber Group “The Flying Eightballs”.  He was a Gunner on the B-24 “Any Gum Chum” piloted by 1LT Donald H. Steinke and 2LT William A. Southern.   During a bombing run to target a German Aircraft Factory on 07 July 1944 near Bernberg, Germany, his aircraft was shot down by German fighters.

After Charles’s sister passed, her family found Charles’s Purple Heart Certificate but no medal.  His family doesn’t know what would have happened to the medal and still hold out hope that the original will be found.  In the meantime, Purple Hearts Reunited honored the family with an official replacement Purple Heart.