Dear Captain Zac,

On this, August 7th, Purple Heart Day, on behalf of our family, I wish to take this opportunity to once again extend our heartfelt thanks to you for reuniting my father, Emanuel (Muni) Mark, with his long-lost medal.

My father’s war experiences had a traumatic, life-changing effect on him and being wounded altered his perception of the world in a way that I am certain only someone that’s been through something similar (as yourself) can truly relate to.

My father is a remarkable person, as despite the horrors of war and seeing people at their very worst, he maintains a wonderful sense of optimism. This love of life has served to keep him motivated and strong. Over the years we have heard his war stories and are continually amazed as to how he actually survived under such horrendous conditions.

As he relayed to us, while spending close to a year recovering in a military hospital in Spokane, WA an Army representative awarded him the Purple Heart; giving him a true sense of recognition and validation for his service. He is very proud of his military service and this honor was something he spoke of quite often. He never leaves the house without proudly displaying his lapel pin and was always wondering what ever happened to his actual medal.

I had been trying for so long to see if we could get him a replacement medal and ran into so many walls along the way. Until I found your organization online (and you responded to my e-mail), we all assumed that my father’s Purple Heart was lost forever, so after all these years for him to finally be reunited with his medal, meant the absolute world to him.

You Sir are an absolute G-d send and we can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. The presentation ceremony was so very moving and emotional. I have personally never experienced anything quite as incredible and touching. Hearing my father tell his story, surrounded by family and close friends, relaying it as if just happened, brought tears to his eyes (something I’ve never seen) as well as to all of us there with him. There are simply not enough words to express how extremely grateful we are to you for making his dream a reality.

Captain Zac, the work you do is truly to be commended. Your sincerity and compassion speaks volumes. I never imagined that the presentation would be as amazing and wonderful as it was. (Both my sons served in the military and I can honestly say that none of the ceremonies I’ve attended can compare to this).

My father is on top of the world with pride and relayed something to me last night that sums it up well. He told me that now that he’s been reunited with his Purple Heart, he can finally put those memories to rest and focus on making some new ones. At 94, I find this a beautiful sentiment.

Thank you so very much for everything.

Warm regards,

Mika Caruana

Emanuel Mark PH Return