LtCol Mitch “Taco” Bell joined the Marine Corps in 1986 and was winged a Naval Aviator in January of 1991. He flew the KC-130 in Cherry Point, NC, Okinawa Japan and Fort Worth TX in the Reserves. His primary duty has been Recruiting for nine of his 29 years in the Marine Corps.

In 1998, he left active duty, was hired by American Airlines, and currently flies the Boeing 787 around the world. As a reservist, he ran an old Mig Base in TQ Iraq from 2005 to 2006 and worked with the Afghan Police for 8 months in 2008 and again for a short tour in 2009 with Prison Corrections over in Afghanistan.

Bell currently assists with numerous charities and Veterans organizations in the DFW area. He directs the Purple Hearts Reunited Valor Guard, a return team dedicated to delivering lost medals of valor across the country. In addition, Bell has conducted return ceremonies himself, on behalf of Purple Hearts Reunited.


1. PFC James Thomas Hull (San Antonio, TX)

2. PVT Joseph Eugene Bone (San Antonio, TX)

3. PVT Alfred J. Holland (Dalton, GA)

4. 1LT James P. McAvoy (Atlanta, GA)

5. PFC Keith W. Gibb (Kansas City, MO)

6. COL Dorsie D. Page, Jr. (Dallas, TX)

7. SFC Grayson J. West (Dallas, TX)

8. PVT Bobby C. White (Dallas, TX)

9. SGT Ronald L. Hinkle (Louisville, KY)

10. SP4 Michael D. Hampton (North Little Rock, AR)